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WolfHorse Outfitters offers customized guided wilderness adventures expertly designed to concentrate on the surrounding environment, plant and animal identification methods as well as seasonal foraging techniques. All level of riders accommodated, group sizes limited one to 4 riders.  Rides include guide/wrangler, saddlehorse, pack-horse, camp gear and  meals. Equipment list available. Riders must sign waiver of liability

Elk Refuge WolfHorse Outfitters

at Ft. Bayard Elk Refuge

Rides From Home Base
Arenas Valley, NM. Ft. Bayard Elk Refuge - 2 Mi. East of  Silver City.

Your customized Pack Trip or Day Excursion will provide you with an opportunity to experience:

  • Fundamental techniques and knowledge of outdoor living skills.
  • Experiences essential for a safe, minimum impact - leave no trace, active enjoyment of this rugged and vast country.

Accommodating all levels of experience from beginners to advanced riders who just want to “cover some ground” a customized  adventure will enhance your personal vacation or for groups and reunions wanting a backcountry getaway. You can do day rides, moonlight rides or just take lessons

Exclusive group reservations available. All rides customized.

Price starts at $ 40.00/hour.
Please check our rates



Named after an Apache War Party code, this “Drag the Wolf Tail” ride is a horseback  educational outdoor survival skills journey for the serious minded adventurer. Travel horseback through this rugged country equipped with only:

  • Essential supplies
  • Minimal livestock
  • Minimal equipment
  • Limited food
  • Utilizing outdoor survival skills
  • Learn the secrets of surviving in the desert mountains of Southwest New Mexico´s Gila Region.
  • Test yourself mentally and physically in this back country adventure.

Retrace the trails and routes that the Apache used, who when pursued, would simply dissolve into its landscape. Discuss survival topics, foraging techniques, plant identification,  small animal hunting techniques, survival camping skills, the ecology,  botany, wildlife and geology of this vast and wild area. Discuss  Southwest Native American History, the basics of self sufficiency and  survival philosophies of those ancient cultures. Discover the raw beauty of Gila´s sunrise, sunsets and the endless miles of challenging trails, varied terrain and Gila´s changing weather.

Participants must be in relative good health. Trips consist of daily  intensive riding, and routes are always in a loop. This ride emphasizes  survival techniques and philosophies, minimal equipment & minimal  impact, for functioning effectively in the Wilderness.

Exclusive group reservations available. All rides customized.
5 Day Minimum, 9 day maximum, additional days available.

$ 260.00/day/per person
Please check our rates

Drag the Wolf Tail WolfHorse Outfitters
at the Gila River


Drag the Wolf Tail 2 WolfHorse Outfitters
Rugged Country


Continental Divide Trail WolfHorse Outfitters
Scenic View

Karte CDT

Continental Divide Trail

Continental Divide Trail 2 WolfHorse Outfitters
Wilderness Trail

Continental Divide Trail Rides
Training Headquarters

Continental Devide Trail (CDT) is now an established trail route which follows the geographical line that divides the flow and watersheds between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The CDT now extends from Mexico to Canada.

WolfHorse Outfitters Hoimebase Camp is located at the base of the Pinos Altos Range, route of the CDT, with access to the trail, just north of Silver City, NM. It is the ideal location for individuals preparing to follow the CDT north to Canada, to start their journey and be better prepared. Whether hiking or on horseback, WolfHorse Outfitters will be available to consult or aid in your plans for the journey of a lifetime.Schild CDT

Training Seminars

  • Acclimate Your Body, Conditioning
  • Equipment and Clothing
  • Logistics and Routes
  • Horseback-Equipment, Tack, Shoeing
  • Hiking

Please contact WolfHorse Outfitters for scheduling and prices.


Special offer: Powwow + Wilderness Tour

The above mentioned rides can be combined with another Native American cultural experience: the visit to a local regional powwow or Native American gathering and ceremony. WolfHorse Outfitters offers to visit a powwow in the Southwest with you, which will make this a very unique experience for you, and do a wilderness tour preferably after that powwow.

An overview about upcoming powwows you can find here

Powwows we recommend for such a Powwow + Wilderness Tour combination are:

Dates or approximate dates to follow

Prices for this service upon request,


WolfHorse Outfitters is APPROVED and PERMITTED to guide visitors in the Gila National Forest.

WolfHorse Outfitters is a Native American Guide Service specializing in  horseback riding adventures into the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness,  New Mexico. Take the journey to see what your heart and senses will  experience and never forget with WolfHorse Outfitters...


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